Stress? What stress?
We carry out the construction, which means that all you have
to do is furnish it.
With an unbeatable track-
record of over 750 buildings,
that is our guarantee.

DASCH general contractors

Too many cooks spoil the broth, but luckily for DASCH this is not an issue, as we coordinate all of the individual jobs involved in the day to day building work. DASCH acts as general contractor on request. Your main advantage is that you only have one point of contact and DASCH will coordinate everything for you.

Collaborating with DASCH can spell only one thing: reliability. We will guarantee a fixed price for the work that we do, and you can sleep easy at night, knowing that you will not have to pay a single cent more than the agreed asking price. And that’s not all: we also guarantee the completion date of your new house, so that you can make the arrangements for your move. Our commitment to full completion also guarantees that none of the essential parts of the design are forgotten.This is also secured in the fixed price.