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DASCH landscape gardening

Thinking of planning a garden? Delighted to hear it, because DASCH has a green finger!

A garden is the soul of your home: a relaxing oasis where you can spend time with family and friends, play sports and games.

DASCH doesn’t just build your swimming or paddling pool, we also take over the entire planning of your garden, from planting, to lighting and decoration. With natural stone walls, ponds and fountains, we will assist you in creating your very own personal paradise.

It is worth seeking professional advice even at the planting stage. After all, a flourishing garden is a science. Only when they complement each other visually, and have their equal share of light, soil and nutrients, can plants live in true harmony.

DASCH tip: Those who are designing a house save time and money if they plan the garden too. Can the excavated earth be used for the garden? Is it necessary to carry out further excavation? Would I like a patio to lead into the garden? Would I like to have a swimming or paddling pool? Where will the boundaries of the garden lie? Would I like to have an outdoor shower or lighting? An irrigation plant? By addressing these questions at the beginning you can avoid any additional work down the line.

The DASCH landscape gardner would be happy to advise you in the planning of your garden.